Dr. Sujan Lamichhane is a co-founder and Senior Scientist at Tailored Medical Devices, Inc. After earning a doctorate degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of South Dakota (USD) in 2015, he has been working as a post-doctoral research associate in USD’s Department of Biomedical Engineering for more than two years. Dr. Lamichhane has over 6 years of experience in research and development of cardiovascular implants and medical devices. He specializes in the development and testing of biomaterials and coatings in the bench-top and pre-clinical environment for their applications in medical devices. Dr. Lamichhane has 10 publications in the research and development of cardiovascular medical devices such as drug-coated balloons, drug-eluting stents, and vascular grafts. He has broad skills in analytical, mechanical, chemical, and biological testing of biomaterials, and an experience in teaching, training, and leading graduate students in biomedical engineering courses and graduate research.